Fishing and hunting

jakt og fiskeThe sulitjelma area is one of the most famous hunting and fishing areas in Norway. Several lakes in the immediate vicinity of the road. We have two lake’s near the center, Dajavannet and Emmavannet. The summer of 2014, we made a wooden trail for the disabled at Emmavannet. Here it is possible to go fishing from the weelchair. Most lakes have populations of trout, but arctic char exist in some of the lakes. It is a relatively short distance to Sweden and numerous great fishing spots


The area has many fine fishing waters ideal for both flyfishing and fishing with worm. With the right lure or spinner on the line, the catch can also be good. There is plenty of fish in the waters, and the size is not bad.


By setting nets in Kjelvatn or any of the other lakes that are approved for net fishing, you are almost guaranteed a good catch of nice trout or char

Fishing license:
Permits are sold with us, or you can purchase it directly on

Hunting licenses:
Small Game Hunting can be started just outside the tourist center. Hunting licenses can purchase with us, or directly on